We maintain your property from basic repairs to routine maintenance, property insurance, and upkeep. We offer periodic home inspections to ensure your property is taken care of by the tenants. We can tailor any other services required by the owner.

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Property Inspection

We go through your property in detail and provide a detailed condition report on the general state of the property. We check your property's major installations, including, but not limited to:
o Plumbing and Electro-Mechanical systems.
o Air Conditioning and Heating systems.
o Kitchen and Bathrooms.
o Water Damage.
o “Fire and Burglary” Insurance as part of the annual Agreement.

Supporting the owner lease process

If the property is posted for rent, we will
o Provide a free sample rental contract.
o Support the contract signature.
o Register the signed rental agreement with the Municipality.
o Support emergency service requests by tenants.
o “Fire and Burglary” Insurance as part of the annual Agreement.

**** Property Leasing Services – Commercial and Residential – Optional Service ****

If directed by the Owner, Plotify will act as owner's agent to find and lease the property to prospective tenants; Our Services include:
o Locating prospective tenants.
o Interviewing and approving prospective tenants.
o Presenting prospective tenants to Owner for final approval.
o Periodic follow up with the tenant.
o Periodic walk through and inspection of the premises.
o Support emergency service requests by tenants (coordinated with Owner).
o Collecting rent from tenants (Quarterly) and depositing in Owner’s account.

why choose us
  • Our services come with a one year warranty on executed works.

  • We offer competitive prices.

  • We provide professional no-hastle services.

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